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We make college admissions easy. Since we began consulting 10 years ago, 98.7% of the students who fully completed our college application packages have been admitted to one or more of their top 3-choice colleges, with 1.3% still attending a top 20 college for their desired major. Unlike independent college counselors who only work with top students, our success rate includes students whose grades and test scores simply bested the bottom 25% of their admitted peers. We also don't make our students choose easier "top choices". Our success stories include:

Don't Gamble With Your Future

Your college admissions outcomes are not random. See an evaluation sheet that admissions officers use to holistically score you as an applicant. Learn where you stand. Then, maximize the certainty of your desired outcomes with the right improvements.

Personalized 1-on-1 Guidance

Face-to-face coaching can be done both virtually and in person. Wherever you live, we will help you get the best results.

Step 1


Discover the best-fit reach, target, and safety colleges for you and learn where your chances of winning scholarships are the highest.

Step 2


Don't simply accept your current odds of success, maximize the certainty of your best outcomes with the right action steps.

Step 3


Share the right windows into your life with admissions officers, compelling them to admit you over similarly (or even better) qualified applicants.

The College Zoom Difference

Talent hits a target no one else can hit.
Genius hits a target no one else can see.

Discover Your Potential

The first step is saying, "Hello!"

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